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Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50mm FFP Gen II - ACSS Athena BPR MIL Reticle



*Lead time is 5-10 business days


This Primary Arms rifle scope is part of the SLx optics line. SLx optics have built a reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

The Primary Arms 3-18x50mm Gen II first focal plane rifle scope was completely rebuilt from the ground up with a ton of new features offering even better optical clarity, enhanced durability, and improved turrets with a greater adjustment range and tactile clicks. The Gen 2 SLx 3-18x scope still offers the same close range capabilities with 35 feet field of view at 3x while being able to quickly adjust to 18x for those 1,000 yard shots. Additionally, the magnification ring has been updated to accept dovetail levers allowing the use of the Primary Arms Slide Mount Magnification Flip Lever. The first focal plane reticle means that all the hold overs and range estimations will be accurate no matter what magnification you are set at. This revamped SLx 3-18 rifle scope comes with 3 different reticles to choose from, so you can find the right set up for your needs and the 50mm objective lens lets in more light for better view of the target with an even larger eyebox. The Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50 Gen II riflescope adds more improvements to one of the best selling mid-power scopes and will sure to be right at home on your precision rifle.


  • First Focal Plane reticle is true at every magnification
  • Illuminated ACSS Athena BPR Mil reticle
  • 3-18x Magnification with 50mm objective lens
  • Provides better clarity and larger eye box
  • 30mm Tube diameter
  • Improved turrets with more adjustment range and accurate tracking
  • Tactile and audible clicks
  • 30mm main tube
  • 6 Illumination settings
  • Length: 13.6 in.
  • Weight: 32.4 oz. with battery
  • Waterproof, fog resistant, shock resistant
  • Scope caps included
  • Lifetime warranty

This 3-18x50mm SLx scope is equipped with the first focal plane ACSS Athena BPR MIL reticle, the world’s most precise reticle for use at extremely long ranges beyond 1,000 yards. With a holdover grid encompassing a full 50 MIL of drop, it’s easy to not just find the perfect hold over, but quickly recover and correct a missed shot by spotting the impact on the grid and adjusting your aim accordingly. Fine aiming dots are displayed in 1 MIL increments, making ranging and hold overs a breeze. When the reticle is tied in with a ballistic calculator, even advanced calculations like spin drift and Coriolis effect can be accounted for and applied to a firing solution without ever touching a turret! For those who prefer to count their clicks, the 0.1 MIL adjustments match perfectly with the MIL based reticle. This handy reticle is compatible with any caliber!

Featuring improved optical performance with larger eye box, enhanced turrets, and an exceptionally durable construction, the 3-18x50 Gen II FFP Scope with ACSS Athena BPR MIL reticle is backed up by the Primary Arms Lifetime Warranty.

Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50mm FFP Gen II - ACSS Athena BPR MIL Reticle

  • Original Manufacturers Warranty

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