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The Build Process

From Start to Finish


Lapping the Upper Receiver

All of our Uppers are lapped by hand to ensure a truly flat and even surface for the barrel to index upon. This helps to ensure the best possible accuracy out of each upper. 

Bedding The Barrel

We use a high temp, high strength bedding compound which helps to fill in all of the tiny gaps between the upper receiver and barrel extension. Another step on the path to ultimate accuracy on an AR15


Proper Sequential Torque on The Barrel Nut

We start at 25 FT-LBS on the barrel nut then loosen and re-tighten the barrel nut to 35 FT-LBS and then repeat at 50 FT-LBS to ensure the threads on the upper receiver and barrel nut mate perfectly, ensuring the best lockup and concentric pressure on the barrel, again in the search of maximum accuracy. 


Permatex Anti-Seize Solution

The anti-seize compound helps to ensure that the barrel nut does not become locked onto the upper receiver and allows them to be disassembled easier at a later date should they need it. 


Dimpling The Barrel

All barrels are 5/32 dimpled for your standard gas block/gas block screws. With our pinned gas blocks we only single dimple the barrels as the additional dimple is unnecessary. 

Pinning The Gas Block 

All of our gas blocks are pinned using .125" pins (either solid as pictured or spiral depending on availability)


High Temp Threadlocker  Applied to Gas Block

Permatex 272 Threadlocker is applied to both gas block set screws. This threadlocker holds its strength up to 450F. 


Rail Installation

Proper rail installation requires varying torque depending on the rail being installed. All of our rails are installed with the maximum safe torque on the crossbolts. We also apply blue medium strength Loctite to the crossbolts ensuring they never shift or loosen.


Muzzle Device Installation

All muzzle devices are installed with a crush washer for proper timing where appropriate. As picturized our P&W uppers are pinned, and tack welded in place to comply with length requirements on our 14.5" uppers. 

Finishing Work

After assembly all set screws and crossbolts are torqued to their proper spec. We then mark the alignment with a white paint pen for quick visual alignment checks by the end user. 


Test Firing

All uppers are test fired with high quality M193 or M855 before shipment. Ejection pattern is also noted with each upper and a printout with details is included.



We almost exclusively use USPS Priority 2–3 day shipping. Packages are either a Flat rate rectangle or triangle depending on the upper and distance traveled. We include a readout, receipt, and any included tools and accessories in the box.

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