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Recce Rack - 13.7" Hanson 5.56 Complete Upper Receiver P&W

The Recce Rack is the Recce Pro with all the extras cut out. BA Hanson 13.7" barrel is the heart of the build, combine that with a AO Precision TMS BCG, Lapped and Bedded Action, And then you have what I believe to be the best Performing upper at this price tier and the next one up. 


*Also available with a P&W SOLGW Nox Flash Hider (16.1" overall length) for an additional $100*

*Also available with a P&W KAK M58 Flash Hider (16.1" overall length) for an additional $25*


The Basics


13.7" BA Hanson 1:7 Twist 4150 CMV Mid Length Barrel, KAK 13" 7-Sided Mlock Handguard, AO TMS BCG, Mil-Spec Upper, CH, and A2 Flash Hider


Lapped Upper Receiver, Bedded Barrel, Factory Pinned Gas Block. Every component is hand fitted and tested prior to assembly, test firing, and ultimately shipping. 


The Specifics



Manufacturer - BA

Length/Chamber - 13.7" 5.56

Twist - 1:7 Twist

Material - 4150 CMV

Profile - Hanson

Gas System - Mid

Finish - Nitride

Thread Pitch - 1/2x28

Gas Port - .081

Weight - 23oz

*Factory Pinned Gas Block*

1st Rebarrel - FREE


All NFA/ATF Rules Apply


Barrel nut is sequentially torqued down to 50 FT-lbs. Starting at 25, then 35, and then finally 50 FT-lbs to ensure proper mating of the threads. 


Barrel is also bedded to the upper receiver with a expanding/hardening compound to ensure perfect fit and reliable accuracy. 


If you legit burn out a barrel, like 10,000 -25,000 rounds, and the barrel becomes inaccurate I will rebarrel it for you for free. Good luck.



Bolt Carrier Group:

Brand: AO Precision True Mil Spec BCG

Bolt Material - C158 Alloy

Carrier Material - 8620 Alloy

Gas Key Material - 4130 Alloy

Profile - Full Auto

Finish - Phosphate/Chrome

Gas Key Screws - Grade 8 (torqued and staked to Mil-Spec)

Forward Assist Cuts

Mil-Spec Firing Pin (Hard Chrome Coated)


*Individually HPT/MPI tested




Manufacturer - KAK

Length - 13"

Material - 6061 T6 Aluminum

Finish - Hard Coat Black Anodization

Mounting Platform - Mlock

Barrel Nut - Steel (does not require timing)

Wedge Lock Torqueing System Ensures a Rock Solid Rail


Barrel nut torqued to 50 FT-lbs

Handguard screws torqued to 60 IN-lbs with blue Loctite

We apply a Permatex Anti-Seize solution to the receiver extension before installing the barrel nut to ensure they do not lock up over many years of hard use. 



Upper Receiver:

Material - 7075 T6 Aluminum

Machined from Forged Aluminum

Finish - Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized Black

Standard Forward Assist

Standard Dust Cover

M4 Feed Ramps

NOT T-Marked, if you care...


Charging Handle:

Manufacturer: KAK

Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum

Machined from Forged High Strength 7075 Aluminum

Finish - Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized


Gas Block:

Material - Steel

Style - Low Profile

Size - .750"

Attachment Method - 2x Set Screws + Pin


Set screws are torqued to 25 IN-lbs and have Rockset applied for extra security.


*Please contact before attempting removal of the Gas Block. These are not meant to be tampered with. 



Gas Tube:

Length - Mid

Material - Stainless Steel

Finish - SS


Flash Hider:

Manufacturer - KAK

Material - 4140Steel

Thread Pitch - 1/2x28

Caliber - .223/5.56


*Multiple P&W options available or any other muzzle device that you want can be added at dealer cost

Recce Rack - 13.7" Hanson 5.56 Complete Upper Receiver P&W

SKU: Recce-Rack
Lead Time is 2-3 Weeks
  • Our stated policy is to not accept returns, but if you accidently ordered the wrong item or there was a mistake or if you have any issue at all send us an email (listed in the "contact us" section) and we will work it out.

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